Medalist Capital


“Bat Barber and Medalist Capital have helped us obtain financing for multiple properties using a wide array of sources over the past several years. Bat and his team always go the extra mile and Medalist’s vast relationship network allows us to find the best debt option available for each unique deal. We always have confidence that Medalist and their lenders can deliver what they say they can.”

— Brantley White, Principal and President
Ardmore Residential, Inc. 

“Our property was a victim of its own lease-up success. This flex project has three buildings, two of which were leased to a single tenant. The existing construction lender was given first shot at placing the permanent financing. They turned us down, stating the major tenant concentration would be a problem. Enter Scott Mauzy. Instead of telling us we had a problem, Scott dug in and brought us a workable solution. As opposed to some of my previous experiences with capital market brokers, he was a steady advocate staying right there with us till closing.”

— Donald J. Frederick, Vice President of Finance
The Runnymede Corporation

“Don Williams and his company have been Childress Klein Properties’ mortgage banker of choice for over 15 years. His unique skills make him a very valuable asset for us; interestingly, I believe most lenders feel he is just as strong an asset for them. For these reasons as well as the high degree of trust we have in Don, we have placed over $200 million with him over the years. We look forward to working with Medalist Capital and their lenders for many years to come.”

Landon Wyatt, Partner
Childress Klein Properties

“Don Williams, Bat Barber and their team have helped Highwoods place over $600 million in debt since 1999. We have a great relationship with their group and admire their professionalism and work effort in seeing that we get the best deal. Don and Bat operate their business with integrity and at a very high level of trust.”

— Hugh Esleeck, Senior Director of Budget and Analysis
Highwoods Properties 

“Don Williams and his team have been consistent producers for Genworth for over 15 years, providing Genworth with some of the highest-quality investments in the Carolinas. Their service and attention to detail ranks them in the top tier of correspondents that represent Genworth in the Southeast.”

— Douglas J. Willman
Genworth Financial 

“Over the years, we have made investments with varied underlying strategies, which call for unique and varying financing alternatives. We have come to rely on Scott Kenney at Medalist Capital as the source through which these needs are consistently met. Medalist possesses a keen understanding of the marketplace, a broad list of lending relationships, and a devoted commitment to secure for us the best financing option for each situation. And they make our job easier by working diligently throughout the closing and servicing process on our behalf. I have an unqualified confidence in Scott Kenney, which he was consistently earned over the years.”

— Robert W. Worthington, Partner
Worthington Hyde Properties

“Our company and its partners have worked with Medalist Capital on the financing of several of our properties, ranging from single-tenant commercial rental space to apartment projects. Much of what we have accomplished with Medalist has either been complex or at phases of completion that made each project challenging to close with more traditional lending sources. Medalist Capital and Bat Barber came through on each project — finding us funding at very competitive rates and terms. We look forward to many more closings with Medalist Capital as our broker of choice.”

— Jack Rostetter, CFO
H&H Constructors, Inc.

“Scott Mauzy at Medalist Capital did an outstanding job refinancing a small $2M apartment complex for our company, where two other brokers had previously failed. He did his homework upfront, his service was impeccable and his team executed a flawless process. I’ve never had a loan go this smoothly.”

— Otto Kumbar, President
Leon Holdings, LLC

“Medalist Capital handled several loans for our firm recently. They were very well organized and the transaction required only a minimum amount of work on our part. They not only negotiated the best rates and terms, but also took into consideration the estate planning of our owners. You can depend on what they tell you because they check everything out thoroughly before involving you. We highly recommend their services.”

Doris Pruitt, Controller
Robuck Homes

“The Medalist Capital team has proven to be a significant asset to Tri Properties over the recent years. Having worked with both institutional and individual investors for over 20 years, we are accustomed to a very high level of sophistication when working with the capital markets. Medalist has proven to be invaluable for us in both development services and investment brokerage. The Medalist team has consistently met and exceeded our expectations.”

Greg Sanchez, President
Tri Properties, Inc.

“We were very impressed with Medalist Capital and Scott Mauzy’s professionalism throughout our entire refinancing process. His ability to meet our needs, no matter how often we changed directions on him, told us we were working with someone on our side. Scott took the time to explain the differences between types of lenders, their terms and their interest rate quotes. He stayed involved in the transaction from beginning to end, rather than just hearing from him at the beginning and end. He knew exactly where we were in the refinance process at all times, providing timely advice and prompting us to action when needed. Thanks to Scott’s leadership, this was a painless transaction.”

— Steve Patrick, Controller
Grey Bull, Inc.